Sessions Says Illegal Immigration Drops To Lowest Level Since 2000

The month of March saw the lowest number of illegal immigrants entering this country in 17 years, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And that’s all due to President Donald Trump.

“March was the lowest entrance of illegal immigrants in 17 years in this country,” he told Tucker Carlson on the Fox News Channel, “And that’s Donald Trump’s leadership.”

The number-one goal. His main goal was to wipe out the violent gang MS-13, and said that while most states had MS-13 members in them, “if we stay at it, we can devastate this organization, and that’s going to be our goal.”

He said that the reason why there are so many MS-13 gang members here was undoubtedly the result of poor immigration enforcement by previous administrations. “So many are illegally here,” he said.

Carlson asked Sessions how his policies would change versus the previous administration. Sessions indicated there would be several changes.

What Sessions said.

Well, first, we’re going to secure the border. We’re going to build a wall. We’re going to add more agents on the border. The numbers have already dropped dramatically. We had — March was the lowest entrance of illegal immigrants in 17 years in this country, and that’s Donald Trump’s leadership.

Sessions said that rooting out MS-13 would be difficult, but that “devastat[ing] this organization” can be done.

Who is MS-13? MS-13 (which stands for Mara Salvatrucha) is an international criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles, but is dominated by Central Americans – primarily Salvadorians. MS-13 has a strong presence in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area, Washington D.C., New York, Boston, Charlotte, and Houston.

There are an estimated 70,000 active members of the violent gang, which is engaged in a number of criminal activities, including drug trafficking, human smuggling, and child prostitution.