Sheriff David Clarke Under Investigation…

Former Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke is under investigation by the politicized FBI according to reports from several news organizations.

The patriotic ex-lawman has vehemently denied stories that the bureau sought a search warrant for his personal email address over an altercation that he had with another passenger on an airplane.

Via The Blaze “The FBI investigated Sheriff David Clarke earlier this year, new court documents reveal — here’s why”:

The FBI obtained a search warrant for emails of former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke earlier this year after an unusual confrontation with a passenger on an airplane.

What happened?

An FBI affidavit dated March 7 shows the FBI sought a warrant for information and communications related to Clarke’s confrontation with that passenger, Dan Black, and “and the ensuing hassle Black was subjected to by deputies at Clarke’s direction in the January incident,” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The warrant was for Clarke’s personal Google email account.

Black filed a complaint with the Milwaukee County Executive’s Office following the incident. Emails and text messages requested and obtained by the FBI reveal Clarke had six officers and two K-9’s harass Black upon arriving to the Milwaukee airport from Dallas on Jan. 15. Those deputies detained Black and questioned him about comments he allegedly made to Clarke on the plane. Those officers later escorted Black out of the airport.

“Just a field interview, no arrest unless he becomes an a**hole with your guys. Question for him is why he said anything to me. Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut?” Clarke texted one of his officers before arriving to Wisconsin, court documents released Thursday revealed.

If the FBI had indeed been snooping on Clarke’s email, it would be consistent with the emerging pattern of evidence that an anti-Trump operation was undertaken by Obama-Clinton loyalists. These would likely include Deputy Director Andrew “Andy” McCabe, former Mueller henchman Peter Strzok and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, as well as James Comey himself.

It is stuff like this that happens in a police state.

Clarke fought back, not only denying the investigation but took some great shots at the crooked liberal media via Twitter including one where he vowed to “bitch slap these scumbags” among other things:

The media will squeal like stuck pigs about Clarke tweeting out an image of him kicking CNN and threatening the paid liars in the press. It will be immediately blamed on Trump who will be accused of creating an atmosphere of violence towards the media and attacking their First Amendment rights.

Never is it mentioned that all that Trump has done is to call out the fake news industry for their lies. Never is it mentioned that Barack Obama was a far bigger threat to press freedom when he ordered his slimy hatchet man at the Justice Department, Eric Holder, to use the 1917 Espionage Act against reporters to threaten them with prison time.

Sheriff Clarke represents one of the most hated of all things to the left – he is a conservative African-American and, therefore, immune to their standard tactic to smear all critics as racist.

While Clarke is calling the investigation fake news, it has a chilling effect – especially since Obama turned the FBI into his own personal KGB.

Until someone cleans house, nobody who is a prominent conservative is safe from being targeted for political persecution by the enforcement arms of the state.