SHOCK: Look What Happens When You Search For “Hitler” in Twitter

One of the most productive things the election of Donald Trump has done for American politics has, by far, been the way it’s unmasked so many of his foes for the truly awful human beings they are.

The Wrap reports that they uncovered something more than a little alarming: it seems that when one performs a People search on Twitter for the word “hitler,” the very first account to come up is none other than @realDonaldTrump.

This seemed too incredible to believe, so two of us here at TFPP tested it for ourselves, and sure enough, got the exact same result:

Go take a moment and try it for yourself; we’ll wait.

TheWrap discovered the oddity a day after Twitter admitted that a rogue employee had deleted the president profile for 11 minutes Thursday.

A spokesperson for Twitter declined to comment on the “Hitler” search result, but a person familiar with the matter attributed the result to an “organic issue” and not a deliberate decision by the company.

The company initially said the deletion of Trump’s account was human error, before admitting that it was intentional.

The “Hitler” results and the account deactivation play into accusations from conservatives that the social network is biased towards liberals and routinely holds them to a lower standard of content […]

Even if the result is due to an “organic issue” — it seems hard to believe the company couldn’t fix the issue if it wanted to.

To be fair, it is an easy mistake to make. As National Review’s Kyle Smith pointed out last month, both Trump and Hitler shunned alcohol, talked about making their respective countries great again, and were named TIME Magazine People of the Year. Why, they’re practically the same guy!

As mock-worthy as the laziest and most malicious comparison in American politics may be, there’s nothing funny about the caliber of human being who levels the charge against Trump (which, just to remind NeverTrumpers, the Left directs at every Republican president). Donald Trump has plenty of character flaws that we all know by heart at this point, but liberals know the man isn’t a murderer, a racist, or a tyrant. Let’s not waste time insulting anyone’s intelligence by indulging the pretense that they sincerely believe something so malicious and infantile.

Most liberals aren’t Hitler either, for the record, but it’s also worth pointing out that playing the Nazi card is more than a little hard to take coming from the political party and ideological movement that openly supports and celebrates the slaughter of 60 million preborn babies since Roe v. Wade.

Back to Twitter, what kind of “organic issue” could possibly create this result? Is the theory supposed to be that other people associate Trump with Hitler’s name so frequently that Twitter’s algorithm’s automatically associate the two as well? That would actually be a pretty damning statistic about the Left’s hate if true, but it still doesn’t pass the smell test. Why doesn’t “hitler” yield results for other accounts (fan, parody, etc.) named after Trump? Are there any examples of other insults bringing up other public figures’ official accounts?

This stinks to high heaven, and Twitter owes the public real answers. Sadly, we shouldn’t expect to get them anytime soon.