SHOCK: One in Four Government Workers Makes $100K+

It’s good to be a government employee these days. Especially if that government is New York City.

It’s so good, in fact, that one out of every four government workers for the Big Apple pulls down more than six figures every year.

Thanks to overtime and other extra pay, about 37,000 of the city’s 295,455 full-time employees receives a salary that tops $100,000.

Add in the overtime and extra pay that employees get and that number jumps to 76,166.

Not too shabby for government work, is it?

(Can I ask if even a city as big as New York really needs 300,000 full-time employees? That seems excessive, doesn’t it? But I digress.)

The jobs that make the big bucks aren’t necessarily the ones you’re thinking either, The New York Post reports.

Of the city’s 775 school janitors, or custodians, as we call them now, 694 made more than $100,000.

And of those 694, almost 400 made more than $150,000 per year.

Amazingly, New York is the only place where the custodians actually make more than the principals, whose salary is between $135,000 and $163,000.

Educators make pretty good bucks too. Almost 16,000 of the city’s 106,000 educators made more than $100K.

This is all driven by overtime, the Post reports.

There were 30,942 employees who received between $20,000 and $49,999 in OT; 3,307 who made between $50,000 and $99,000; and 160 who hit the jackpot with $100,000 or more.

One NYPD police officer earned an incredible $640,000 in 2016, thanks to what must be the most overtime in history.

Mayor de Blasio’s office defended the higher compensation.

“New York City’s dedicated public servants, including our police officers, teachers and firefighters, are the hardest-working in the world, and New Yorkers see the results of that hard work every day,” said mayoral spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein.

“Occasionally, overtime is necessary to face unplanned events or meet critical operational need. But we take our fiscal responsibility seriously and are constantly monitoring use citywide to determine if there are areas where we can do even better.”

This massive sucking sound from the taxpayers in New York isn’t limited to the city, though. Local police throughout the state are pulling down astronomical salaries. The Post reported of one “school safety officer” in Ramapo who pulled down $442,000 in one year.

Cops in Rockland and Nassau counties fared especially well. Donnelly and four other Rockland officers were among the 47 cops included in the Empire report’s top 50 highest-paid government employees outside New York City.

Twenty-five of the top 50 workers hailed from the Nassau County PD, where the average salary was $150,000. The top earner there last year, Lt. Thomas Karp, made $333,345.

The highest average pay, $220,088, went to a group of 20 cops in the Village of Kings Point, according to the report.

There are also more than 4,000 government workers who are being paid for two or more government jobs, the Post reports. Do these people even sleep? Or are they fleecing the New York taxpayers? Remember, this is a state with the highest tax burden in the country.

What do you think about all of this? Are you in the wrong line of work? I know I am. Sound off below!