Shock Poll on Trump Approval Has Democrat Leaders Panicking


With all the polls out there saying completely different things, there’s one that should give Leftists fits.

According to a recent Gallup poll, Trump’s favorability continues to rise across several categories.

More and more people see him as a strong leader, an honest man and a person who can bring about much-needed change in the United States.

And it’s that last poll that is freaking out liberals.

The survey of more than 1,000 adults across all 50 states shows that 53 percent of Americans – a majority – believe Trump can “bring about the changes this country needs.” That’s up from just 40 percent last September.

What’s interesting is that back before the election, only nine percent of Democrats agreed that Trump could bring “much-needed change,” but now that that stands at 20 percent.


That’s right, one in five Democrats are on board that Trump might make the changes this country needs, MRCTV is reporting.

The poll also found that 62 percent of Americans now say they think Trump keeps his promises – including 36 percent of Democrats.

Additionally, 42 percent of Americans now say they believe Trump is “honest and trustworthy,” compared to just 33 percent who said the same in September.

Now just three weeks into his presidency, Trump’s administration has so far faced a slew of backlash from anti-Trump protesters over his immigration policies, heavy criticism over his cabinet and administrative nominees, and a hostile liberal media hell-bent on proving their post-inauguration doomsday predictions (not to mention more than a few attacks from Hollywood).

However, if Gallup’s surveys are any indication (such as this one showing Congressional approval spiking post-Trump’s inauguration) the American people are more and more optimistic about the future under a President Trump.

And that’s going to give the Left fits. The American people aren’t buying it. They’re not buying the notion that Trump is the second coming of Hitler, or Satan, or Mussolini.