Short History Lesson on the Evils of Gun Control Laws

From Calvin Freiburger: To non-political Americans, it’s easy for liberalism to sound like a beautiful thing…right until the moment someone actually has to live with its consequences.

Few issues illustrate this more powerfully than liberals’ hysterical opposition to the Second Amendment. The Chicago Tribune reports that almost 1,400 black women in Illinois have received a concealed carry permit in 2017, which is more than did so in all of 2016 and almost twice the 800 who did so in 2014. More than 4,000 black women currently have a concealed carry permit just in Cook County, where Chicago resides.

At the Truth About Guns, John Boch sums up why this should surprise precisely nobody:

It should come as no surprise. Five years ago, less than one-third of African-American families took a positive view of gun ownership. Today, nearly 60% not only recognize the benefits of gun ownership, but consider it a “necessity” according to the New York Times report of a Pew study. Nationally, the numbers of African-American women seeking concealed carry licenses nationwide has grown sharply.

For generations, Chicago’s strict gun control served to disarm most of the good guys who live there. Today, the nation watches the violence increase on a daily basis on Rahm’s streets. Chicago Justice was a sick joke. Cook County’s catch and release criminal justice system fails to keep (or never puts) bad guys behind bars. At the same time, gang violence permeates far too much of the city. Locals know gangs run the streets with impunity.

Meanwhile, the city’s cops identify suspects in less than 13% of homicides, so people know that plenty of killers still prowl the streets. In response to the failure of the mayor’s anti-gun policies, more and more of Chicago’s residents — black women in particular — have chosen to empower themselves with concealed carry.

Indeed, as TFPP has covered, gun control groups such as the Brady Campaign and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence hail Illinois restrictions on gun rights as a model for the rest of the country, yet its gun violence numbers continue to be among the nation’s worst, with holidays in the city being particularly defined by shootings.

Whatever the issue, the answer is usually less faith in government and more personal preparation to provide for one’s self. Here’s hoping this trend continues and saves lives.

Hat tip: Bearing Arms