SHOWDOWN: Ford Issues Direct Challenge to Trump on American Jobs


President Trump has already had many successes regarding his promise to bring more jobs to American soil, but one company is refusing to abandon their plans.

Many Americans will tell you they’re proud of their Fords because “they’re made in America.” Despite Trump’s numerous threats, Ford says they are still on track to build two new plants in Mexico.

President of Ford Mexico Gabriel Lopez said the plants will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.8B and will employ nearly 3,800 people.

One will open in Guanajuato and will build engines and transmissions, while the other is planned for Chihuahua and will make parts for use in the US, South America and Asia.

Ford is one of several companies that President Trump was aiming to pressure into staying in the United States, threatening them with tariffs if they open plants in Mexico where they have been operating for around 90 years, employing 9,000 people.

For the time being though, Ford plans to continue expanding operations in other countries to keep their costs of operating down.

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