SICK Anti-Trump Cartoon From The Left


C.E. Dyer reports disgraced former “journalist” Dan Rather has slithered out from the rock he’s been living under to claim that President Donald Trump’s budget is going to be deadly.

“Rather than investing in what will truly make America great, this philosophy pounds its chest with false bravado,” Rather said on Facebook. “People will die because of this budget. People will suffer. Diseases will spread, and cures will not be found. … our nation will be much darker and more dangerous.”

I’m surprised he stopped short of warning that Russian zombies will infiltrate the country, kill all the puppies, and eat all our bacon. The horror!

“‘Cruel and unusual,’ the phrase rings in my head as I read the press reports of President Donald Trump‘s proposed budget,” he continued.

“Mr. Trump’s philosophy is an opening salvo in a battle for the soul of America that is only beginning,” Rather said. “This will be a battle fought trench by trench.”

The Washington Examiner reported that “Trump’s proposal makes double-digit cuts to the EPA, Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services, which currently oversees the implementation of Obamacare. But it has little chance of being passed into law.”

Well, Trump did write a book about negotiating and, I believe, he devoted a portion of it to describing how you go big with your first offer and negotiate from there.

Something like that.

Now, where to start on Rather’s insanity…

Well, first of all, it’s pathetically typical of the left. They have no argument. All they have is hate-fueled fear-mongering and hysterical emotional appeals.

Second, Rather’s little rant revolves around the idea that people will crumble without big government’s tentacles in every aspect of their lives.

That’s not surprising, since that’s the crux of the left’s ideology, but it is wrong — as most leftist beliefs are.

As most of us are well aware, cutting the fat from the government will be a huge boon for the country and is long overdue.

Of course, that’s not what leftists/globalists think. They want the government in control of everything and they’re going to try and scare people into getting on board with that because calm, rational analysis of the facts would tell anyone that big government is the problem, not the solution.