SICK: Liberal Bar Owner Offers Free Whiskey For Life To Anyone Who Punches Steve Bannon

For the past 5 months, a bar in Portland, Oregon has had a violent promotion to get free whiskey for life.

Their promotion started after Donald Trump was elected and just gained traction when it was actually posted online.

Story. A Portland bar owner decided violence against Trump advisor Steve Bannon would be a great promotion.

From The Blaze:

An Oregon bar by the name of Paydirt is paying bigly, one might say, over a note it placed at the bottom of its receipts: “Punch Steve Bannon, get free whiskey for life.”

@Broadsword_Six Don’t know you well but I’d say this has your name all over it. Paydirt bar in Portland OR makes epic offer.

— Susan Collins (@9thfloorvista) May 15, 2017

The establishment in Portland, Oregon, had been extending the offer for about five months to sock the controversial aide to Republican President Donald Trump, the Willamette Week reported — until word started spreading online, that is.

Backlash. Because the story gained traction, the owner is now claiming he’s getting death threats. This is probably part of his promotion as well – pretending to be a victim.

Why this matters? Imagine for one second if anyone had made the same offer against any of Barack Obama’s advisers? The left is so unhinged that they can’t even see how insane they have become because they lost a presidential election.

Violence should never be promoted because someone disagrees on ideas. How sick is it that anyone would promote that?

Oh wait, it’s expected of the left now. Leftists have always, throughout the history of the world, been violent.