Singer’s Moccasins Declared “Cultural Appropriation”


The liberal outrage machine is grinding away again and this time they’ve got the offender right where they want them.

It’s a white singer wearing moccasins.

I know, I’m as offended as you are. Clearly, it was a racist and insensitive act by an oppressive vulgarian.

Or maybe it was just a singer wearing moccasins.

Perrie Edwards, a lead singer for the band “Little Mix,” some sort of Brit-Pop band, wore moccasin-style shoes and posted pictures of them on Instagram. Of course, this led to an outpouring of criticism about how her wearing moccasins amounts to “cultural appropriation.”



A photo posted by Perrie Edwards ✌️? (@perrieeele) on

Here’s a sampling of some of her critics’ comments:

sofpeterson: Just that I hate ignorant white people. Including you. Get educated on cultural appropriation bc that shit isn’t right @exotnic

phoebearonds: If you’re not Native American you have no business wearing these traditional celebratory moccasins for purely “bohemian” fashion purposes; it’s wrong and silly and disrespectful.

littlebitofjackson: No disrespect I genuinely love Perrie but, who cares if she “likes it and has an interest in it”? Cultural appropriation is cultural appropriation. You can’t defend that. Someone’s culture isn’t a fashion statement.

As Katherine Timpf points out, this is shockingly stupid. The last commenter said “You can’t defend that.” Really? Wearing moccasins is something that’s “indefensible”? Folks, “everything is inspired by something else, and sometimes inspirations come from other cultures. Can we relax a little bit?Please?”