SNL Star Shows Off New Hillary Clinton Tattoo – Then Hillary Responded…

You know, Saturday Night Live has done some pretty funny skits over the years. Especially involving Hillary Clinton.

Here are just a few from the absolutely brilliant actress Kate McKinnon.

Sensational, right? Week after week, Saturday Night Live has portrayed Clinton as a Secretary of State, a Presidential Nominee, a criminal, a loser, and now…a tattoo.

Yes, that’s right. A cast member actually got a tattoo of the younger Hillary Clinton.

Is this a joke?

I thought it was…but, alas, it isn’t.

According to Fox News Insider:

Pete Davidson posted an image of his new Hillary ink on his Instagram page, saying it was a “gift” for the 2016 runner-up.

“Wanted to get @HillaryClinton a Christmas gift so I got a tattoo of my hero,” Davidson, 24, wrote on Instagram.

“Thanks for being such a bad-[expletive] and one of the strongest people in the universe,” he wrote.

Clinton later commented on Davidson’s post, thanking him for his support.

“Thanks, @petedavidson, This makes it significantly less awkward that I’ve had a Pete Davidson tattoo for years. But seriously, I’m honored. Merry Christmas my friend” is what the former presidential candidate and current criminal commented to Davidson.

There is something I want to say to Davidson…

Why. Why. Why.

I say this without a question mark because this is a statement.

There is absolutely no good reason to have a tat of Hillary.

It just makes no sense.

Do you like being associated with criminals, liars, and losers? Is this the new brand for that club?

Or, are you thanking her for the increased popularity of Saturday Night Live?

Her string of losses certainly increased the viewership of the comedic McKinnon and the show as a whole.

Is that why, Pete?

Level with me. How long did you think about this before the needle hit your skin?

And, you got it on your leg? Huh?


I assume that would be the face he would make if I asked him in person.

But, then again, he’s a dweeby guy from Staten Island who gets paid to make people laugh. And there is nothing funnier than permanently inking the Hillz on your leg. You certainly do stand with her.

Last year, in an interview, he shared his disdain for President Trump and his hometown…and his deep love for tattoos:

I think I read you’re like the third-youngest or something like that. Where do you rank as far as the most tattoos of SNL cast members?

I’m the only SNL cast member to leave and come back next season with full sleeves.

How did that go over?

Surprisingly better than I thought it would. I thought I would get yelled at and Lorne would scrape them off my f*cking arms with the cheese grater. No. He’s just like “You’re an idiot. Enjoy your tattoos.”

Does anybody else have them?

Yes. Other people have like one or two. I have f*cking 30.

What are some of your tattoos?

It’s embarrassing when I say them out loud.

Man, I got [redacted]. Don’t worry about it.

The solar system. F*cking rubber ducks. F*cking Harry Potter symbols. My dad’s helmet. My girlfriend’s face. I got a wolf. A watermelon emoji. It goes on and on.

Is she still your girlfriend?


Nice. That’s helpful.


You’re from Staten Island. You’re pretty close to home at SNL. How much did getting on the show change your daily life?

F*ck them. They all suck. They have nothing to do with me or my success. It’s a terrible borough, filled with terrible people. A f*cking tidal Wave could take out Staten Island and I wouldn’t even move in my sleep. In fact I would sleep better. F*ck Staten Island. A bunch of Trump-supporting f*cking jerk offs. F*ck them. End quote.

Welp. It sounds like Hillary is in good company.

Rubber ducks. Wizards. Watermelons.