Socialism Perfectly Discredited in 2 Pictures


Robert Gehl reports Venezuela is now in a state of complete anarchy as the dictator Nicolas Maduro desperately tries to hold onto power in the failed socialist state.

The country’s military fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the thousands of protesters lining the streets in Caracas Saturday amid a week-long protest that shows no signs of letting up.

The demonstrations came after the Maduro regime banned a top opposition leader for running for office for 15 years.

It has been ten days of violent crackdowns as pro-government groups kidnap and violent assault opposition leaders while many other leaders seek refuge in foreign emabassies.

The protests were triggered by the Venezuela Supreme Court’s decision to strip the opposition-controlled legislature of all of their power – a move that was later reversed when their was widespread international condemnation and even dissent within the dictator’s leadership.

As the thousands of protesters approached the headquarters of the state-run oil company, they were met by rubber bullets, eye-scorching tear gas (some of it in a red color, which prompted accusations that they were using chemical weapons against the protesters),” The Daily Mail is reporting.

Mayhem ensued, with riot police racing down windy streets, dodging objects thrown from tall apartment buildings as they deployed to squash the unrest.

Later, a small group of youths unsuccessfully tried to set fire to a Supreme Court office building.

The protesters’ immediate goal is to force Maduro to call elections. Last year, the government cancelled a recall referendum.