Something Scary Is Happening In Houston Right Now…

Authorities are warning the public after two young women had chilling encounters while driving around Houston.

Last week, Loreal San Miguel was stopped at a traffic signal. “I was coming home pretty late,” she told KHOU. “I want to say it was past 11 p.m.”

A car pulled up next to her and signaled for her to roll down her window, but something seemed off.

“They were kind of revving their engine a lot and when the light turned green they were motioning for me to roll my window down,” San Miguel said.

Nervous, the young woman cracked her window. The people in the car next to her told her that something was wrong with her tire and that she should let them fix it.

Since she had previously had three blown tires, Miguel was afraid that it had happened again. However, her car was not showing any signs of distress.

“When I was driving, I couldn’t feel anything wrong with my car and none of my alarms were going off,” she told KHOU.

Thinking the incident was a joke, San Miguel went home.

Days later, she was stopped again by the same vehicle — this time during broad daylight.

San Miguel was able to snap a photo of the vehicle with her phone, which she tweeted out.

The vehicle appears to have temporary plates.

After San Miguel spoke out, other people came forward on social media, reporting similar experiences.

Across the city, another teen reported a similar incident, saying a man shined a flashlight at her to get her attention. He then told her that something was wrong with her car.

Kayla Cantu was headed home to Katy from the Woodlands when the incident occurred.

According to Cantu, the man told her that her car had sparks shooting out of it and she should pull over so he could fix it. Afraid, the teen drove straight home instead.

“He was like, ‘Hey there’s something wrong with your car and there are like sparks coming out from underneath it, there could be something wrong,'” Cantu said. “‘You should probably pull over and let me look at it.’ Don’t do it: You could risk your life if you stop.”

She says the man followed her vehicle for 40 minutes.

The Houston Police Department says both girls acted correctly by not pulling over. Drivers should not pull over for another vehicle unless they know it’s a law enforcement officer.

If something like this happens to you, HPD recommends calling the police department’s non-emergency line to report the suspicious activity.

In the event that you think you have an an issue, you should pull over to a safe, well-lit area and call for assistance immediately.