Starbucks CEO Leaves Out ‘White People’ In Condemning Violence Against Groups

In the wake of clashes between the fascist right and the “anti-fascist” (but actually fascist) left, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz denounced “senseless violence” against people.

Kind of.

What he left out is his denunciation against white people. It appears he’s only opposed to people who aren’t white. Sound insane? Here’s what he said, summed up in a Starbucks tweet:

“I know we’re better than this. The bigotry, hatred, and senseless violence against people who are not white cannot stand,” the corporate office wrote, quoting their boss.

If this were an isolated incident – or maybe just a slip of the tongue – it would be one thing. After all, if I say “kidnapping my daughter is bad,” I’m not implying kidnapping my son is perfectly fine, but Schultz has a long history of a screaming leftist bias. He has said that shareholders who are opposed to gay marriage shouldn’t own stock in his company, forced his baristas to discuss “race relations” with unsuspecting customers, and thumbed his nose at Trump’s immigration policy by promising to specifically hire illegal immigrants.

So perhaps his comments were to be taken in the way they were stated: violence against white people is ok, just not against “people who are not white.”

At one point, he gave a speech to his employees holding up a rock from the Auschwitz Nazi death camp, comparing the slaughter of millions of Jews to what is happening today.

“That rock represented the blood of millions who fell victim to something very similar to what we are facing now,” he said quietly.

Of course, Twitter wasn’t too keen on Schultz’ latest remarks.

Schultz – given his past actions – is able to choose his words more carefully. He knows that by singling out white people – essentially exempting them from “senseless violence” he’s taking a side in the “race war” that the left is trying to incite.

This kind of talk is only going to give racists on the right more ammunition in their battle against America’s values of tolerance and drive toward racial harmony.

H/T: YoungCons