State to Deem Abortion a “Constitutional Right”

The Democratic party politburo in Sacramento has reconvened for another assault on decency, and one of their top action items is a bill that would require public universities to provide students with abortion pills.

According to SB 320, which is the brainchild of Chino Democrat State Senator Connie Leyva, abortion is a constitutional right and as such, students are entitled to taxpayer-funded baby-killing pills because to the whacko left, abortion is just another form of contraception.

Via Campus Reform, “California bill deems abortion a ‘constitutional right’”:

California lawmakers are moving forward with a bill that would require every public university in the state to provide students with abortion pills on demand.

“Abortion care is a constitutional right,” begins SB 320, which would require every California “public university student health center to offer abortion by medication techniques.”

State Senator Connie Leyva, a former labor organizer, introduced the bill in February, and after a series of amendments, it passed the Senate Health Committee in April, but then languished for the remainder of the year with no further action.

After being further amended to broaden its scope, SB 320 passed the Senate Education Committee Wednesday in a party line vote, and is now awaiting consideration by the Appropriations Committee.

The current version of the bill gives all University of California and California State University student health centers until January 1, 2022 to offer “abortion by medication techniques,” which The Sacramento Bee describes as a medicinal cocktail of mifepristone and misoprostol, which induces an abortion resembling an early miscarriage.

The Sacramento Bee provides additional details in the story “Abortion pills would be available at college campuses under California bill”:

Sen. Connie Leyva, a Chino Democrat who is carrying the measure, said she believes the more than 400,000 female students attending UC and CSU deserve affordable and safe abortion procedures on campus. Women who are less than 10 weeks pregnant can obtain the medication, a two-pill dosage of mifepristone and misoprostol, from a doctor, creating a response similar to an early miscarriage.

“This bill is completely about access,” Leyva said.

A group of private organizations, including the Women’s Foundation of California, announced Tuesday that it would cover the costs of the law as part of a campaign, justCARE: Campus Action for Reproductive Equity, to promote access to abortion services at California public universities.

The anti-abortion advocacy group Californians for Life is among those opposing the bill. Wynette Sills, the organization’s director, said she rejects the notion that access to this abortion procedure is an issue for students. She said the average distance from each public university campus to the nearest medical abortion provider is less than six miles.

“There is no lack of access,” Sills said. “Sen. Leyva’s bill is all about abortion, abortion and more abortion rather than addressing the needs of housing and scholarships and adjustable exam schedules and all of those concerns that a young woman would have.”

Sills said supporters of SB 320 should instead force abortion providers to improve access to safe abortion procedures.

“Ask the abortion industry to pay for Uber rides from campus or ask them to stay open late into the evening or ask them to stay open on Saturdays…rather than creating a legislative mandate upon our university systems that are poorly equipped,” Sills said. “These student health centers are basically first aid centers with oftentimes just the basic medical infrastructure.”

It is just the latest example of the unaccountability of the far-left zealots in the California Legislature and their total domination over Republicans. It is the one-party rule of the type normally seen in third-world countries ruled by corrupt despots — or, in layman’s terms, shitholes.