Statistician Says Bernie Is The 2020 Democratic Front Runner

Statistician Nate Silver has predicted the 2020 Democratic Front Runner…and, thankfully, it isn’t Hillary Clinton.

Instead, it is the curmudgeony, get-off-my-lawn, Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders.

In a Thursday morning podcast, Nate Silver told one podcast that Sanders will be the “most influential challenger to the Republican candidate heading into the 2020 presidential season.”

According to The Daily Caller, Silver clarified what he meant by “front runner”:

“Let me clarify that ‘front-runner’ and ‘favorite’ are not synonyms to me. A ‘front-runner’ is the horse that jumps out to the front of the pack and dictates the action behind him.”

Silver asserted that Sanders created a movement during his 2016 primary challenge to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, paving the way for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s potential bid in 2020.

Sanders received 13 million votes and polls consistently “around 20 percent, which is less than half of what he earned in 2016 polling, but much higher than anyone else.”

Many talking heads took note of Sanders potential to run when he gave a keynote address in Iowa and announced his tour of said state in August “to push his upcoming book ‘Bernie Sanders: Guide to Political Revolution.'”

I don’t really know why we are discussing Bernie Sanders in 2020 anyways.

After all, that is three years from now and the Independent Senator from Vermont is already 75 and looks 95.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he named Methuselah as his running mate.

The Democratic party is in dire straits when their best contenders are a washed-up Clinton, a one-foot-in-the-grave Socialist, and a whiny, annoying shrewd woman from Connecticut.