Stupid Climate Change Meme DEMOLISHED By Facts

Brittany Soares writes that as Hurricane Irma approached after wreaking havoc on the Caribbean, some Florida Keys residents stayed put and took selfies next to massive waves despite orders to evacuate.

Shocking photos from the US’s Southernmost Webcam show some Floridians ignoring instructions and risking their lives to take selfies next to giant waves.

Thrillseekers were spotted on beaches taking photos despite the 130mph eye of the storm sending seawater gushing through the streets.

Foreboding storm clouds could be seen darkening the skies overhead as the dopey locals posed up to get the perfect Hurricane Irma snap.

Some daring Floridians were even seen wading into the sea despite forecasters warning of storm surges as high as 15 feet.

One man was knocked over by a wave that crashed over the barrier as he took a photo.

He stood on top of the barrier to get the perfect view of the churning waters before getting smacked by the wave and being pushed back onto the ground. The man stood up and walked away as if nothing happened.

The Key West National Weather Service tweeted Friday: “THIS IS AS REAL AS IT GETS” and “NOWHERE IN THE FLORIDA KEYS WILL BE SAFE.”

6.4 million people have been told to run for their lives as the killer winds approached.