STUPID Criminals Of The Week: Thieves Steal Box Of GPS Devices – Found Within Hours

Silicon Valley in California is supposed to be home to America’s sharpest minds.

Young geniuses, they tell us, who are on the forefront of the next generation of technological innovation.

But just because it’s full of smart people doesn’t mean everyone is a genius.

Like thieves. The thieves there are apparently as dumb as a soap dish.

Maybe that explains why when burglars broke into the high-tech company RoamBee, they decided to make off with 100 GPS tracking devices.

“The moment we realized they had a box of trackers, we went into recovery mode,” RoamBee co-founder Vidya Subramanian told KRON4. “We notified the police and equipped them to track the devices, and in about 5 or 6 hours, it was done.”

It didn’t take long for company owners and police to track the thieves down and arrest them. They gave a tracker to local police and it took them just a few hours to make arrests.

But to make things easier for authorities, before they took off with $18,000 worth of the trackers, they also cut themselves on the refrigerator door in the office, leaving blood and fingerprints.

“We were able to pinpoint the location of these trackers to a warehouse in Union City and two of the devices had gone mobile, and the thieves were driving around with them in the East Bay,” Subramanian said.

The two men were arrested in Alameda. The storage locker was found to contain drugs and other stolen property.

The RoamBee device is usually used to track international shipments anywhere around the world. So far, they’re mainly used to track bananas. Yup, bananas.

Subramanian said that the theft is great advertising for the small company.

“What this has done is show our customers that our product not only works, but it goes into full recovery mode where we can actually show the end result for a roaming perspective,” Subramanian said. “It was picture perfect. This is what we’ve been gearing up to do, and we were ready for it and we executed.”

But the tracking devices weren’t all that police found. There was plenty of other stolen loot in the criminals’ possession, including a photo album that had irreplaceable images from World War II that was taken in a recent burglary in Saratoga.

The company even posted a link to the news stories about the burglary on their website.

Subramanian is right. What great advertising.

Nothing suspicious there, huh?