Surveillance Video Shows Suspect Stabbing Convenience Store Clerk

A deranged man was caught on surveillance footage storming into a gas station, waltzing behind the counter and then stabbing the cashier like a complete maniac.

Where And When Did This Happen? According to local station WZTV, the attack occurred Thursday at a gas station in Monteagle, Tennessee, where the suspect began stabbing clerk Satish Patel until Patel fled the scene, providing the goon with the perfect opportunity to carry out his original goal.

What Was His Goal? To rob the place, of course, though one wonders why he chose going about it in such a violent manner.

Watch the attack and subsequent robbery below:

What Happened To This Thug? He tried to flee the scene but was chased by local authorities until he reportedly crashed and was thereafter booked by authorities.

Images from the crash site may be seen below:

Who Was He? Dylan Hilton, an unhinged man who had attempted a carjacking earlier in the day at a separate gas station, according to station WRCB:

It all began at the Citco gas station on Highway 127 in Pelham.

The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office says the suspect, Dylan Hilton, attempted a carjacking. He was unsuccessful in stealing the vehicle, but the Sheriff’s Office says the driver was beaten up by Hilton.

The suspect then went to a gas station on Main Street, where officials say he stabbed a clerk during a robbery at around 4:00 p.m.

Hilton sped away from the store and a police chase began.

Nothing more was known about his fate as of Friday morning, though it’s presumed he’ll be facing a litany of charges when he’s finally dragged into court.

What Happened To The Victim? Thankfully, Patel is okay and was released from the hospital Thursday evening, according to WTVC.

How Much Time Is Hilton Looking At? That remains unknown at the time, but if he’s hit with an attempted murder charge, he could wind up facing at least one decade in prison, if not longer. Keep in mind that the other likely charges — robbery, assault, etc. — will only add more time to his final sentence.

The bottom line is that this deranged maniac will likely not be free anytime soon. Good, because a man who could just waltz into a gas station and start attacking the clerk like that deserves to be behind bars.