It’s Now Taboo to Have ANY Republican Friends in This Major U.S. City

Seattle is a bastion of blue. So, blue, in fact, that one of the city council members is an avowed Socialist who has actually incited riots.

The Seattle City Council member is Kshama Sawant, and she spews vitriol and hatred on a regular basis. But during a city council meeting this past summer, she shared something that shows just how deranged she is and how intolerant the Left has truly become.

During a debate on reforming the juvenile justice system, a council member brought up the fact that some Republicans also agree the system needs some serious reforms. What happened next tells you everything you need to know about the left.

As the Seattle Times reports:

Kshama Sawant wasn’t having any of that. She stood up and said Burgess wasn’t speaking for her with this “our Republican friends” stuff. Because, she assured the crowd, she doesn’t have any Republican friends.

Yay, cheered the crowd.

Now it’s hardly surprising that Sawant, a socialist, isn’t having GOPers over for mint juleps. But it’s pretty unusual to my ears for a politician to boast that her tribalism excludes even the possibility of warm feelings toward political opponents, even as humans.

Apparently, even when Republicans share the same ideas, in this case juvenile justice reform, it doesn’t matter. All that seems to matter to some of the extremists in the Democrat Party is the letter next to a person’s name.

Had the brothers been Democrats or even Independents, Sawant wouldn’t have said that. These people aren’t elected to office to divide the city, they are elected to office to unite the city and do what’s best for the residents of the city. That means working together, like adults, despite your political feelings.

However, the Left defines itself by division; those who are not completely on board with their agenda of total government control must be excommunicated. If a person advocates for some kind of non-leftist cause, forget about working with them on anything, or even being friends with them.

Nowhere is this attitude more prevalent than in Seattle. The idea that people with differing political opinions must be diametrically opposed to each other in everything is not a good way to have a peaceful and free society. As the Seattle Times’ columnist asked, “Can we just get along?”

This is going on across the country. Democrats everywhere aren’t serving any purpose other than to divide their cities, towns, and states, and work against Republicans because they still can’t get over the fact that they lost the election.

What’s more disturbing is these people are hurting actual constituents. They aren’t getting things done that need to get done. They aren’t working together and finding compromises where some exist. They are simply pointing fingers and shouting Republicans down because they are ignorant and obviously have nothing to offer voters.

Normal people who live in the real world have friends from all walks of life. Many will simply not discuss politics if there is that much of a disagreement, but for this woman, who represents voters from all political parties, to discard ideas from Republicans shows just how far the left is going to continue to take their never-ending hissy fit.