Terror Attack in Paris, France; Here’s the Latest

Two police officers have been killed in Paris, France in what has reportedly been confirmed as a terrorist attack by police — just days before France is set to hold the first round of balloting in their presidential election.

What happened? Details are streaming in quickly at this point. The U.K. Mirror reported:

A police officer has been killed after ‘terrorist’ gunmen opened fire with Kalashnikovs in Paris.

Shots rang out on the iconic Champs Elysees – one of the world’s most prestigious boulevards – leaving an officer dead.

One of the suspects is dead but another is alive, according to reports.

The gunmen opened fire at a stationary police car at traffic lights, according to the French policing union.

There are conflicting reports about the motive – some sources it was a terrorist attack but others claimed it was an attempted armed robbery.

Not long after the U.K. Mirror’s report, a second officer was reported to have died.

President Trump speaks out:

The details are unfolding fast and as we know more we’ll update you.