Terrorism Suspect Used Housing Benefits To Join Islamic State

A disciple of hate-spewing British Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary apparently used his wife’s welfare payment to fund a trip to join the Islamic State.

Shahan Choudhury disappeared from his London apartment at the end of 2015. A few months later, his wife Mehak and their three children, including a baby, joined him in Syria.

Mehak was receiving monthly housing payments from the government in the amount of about $1,200. The month she left for the Middle East, she failed to make her final payment.

Choudhury is a suspect in a teenage gang murder. He was radicalized in prison and became an ardent follower of Choudary. He is just one of at least 12 followers of the hate preacher to have joined ISIS. Three others were captured before they could make the trip to the Middle East.


Choudary was tossed in prison last year for recruiting people to join ISIS after more than two decades of preaching hate and radical Islam in the U.K. Apparently though, he is now influencing inmates at the prison he is confined to, Breitbart is reporting.

In 2005, at age 18, Shahan Choudhury was charged with the murder of a 17-year-old hospital employee over a $20 drug deal.

He was acquitted in 2007 after spending 18 months in prison awaiting trial. It was there – at the Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison, that his family says he was “brainwashed.”

“He was just like any other western kid when he went in but by the time he came out he was going on about religion and how the kuffar [non-believers] would all end up in the hellfire,” a relative said.

Soon after leaving prison Shana had fallen in with Anjem Choudary and his notorious, marauding group of radicals of the now banned terror group al-Muhajiroun.

Court documents relating to a separate case last summer cite police evidence stating that Choudhury “was believed to be a member of [al-Muhajiroun] and had joined [Islamic State] in Syria”.

His wife’s most recent tweets order Britons to travel to the Islamic State “caliphate” in Syria and Iraq “or wage jihad by himself w[ith] resources available to him”.

Posting under the name Umm Umaarah, she also quotes Isis’s former external attacks chief: “Migrate or fight where u stand.”