The Best Political Bar Joke of ALL TIME [MEME]

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Via V. Saxena:

A possibly photoshopped image emerged on social media this weekend showing President Barack Obama’s face plastered on the back of a septic pumper truck, i.e., a vehicle used to transport pee and poop, aka crap.

Truck With Obama Pic

Now think about this …

Some trucker allegedly put the photo of Obama’s face on a device that hauls around crap and is therefore full of crap.

Do you see the beautiful analogy here?

Observe for yourself:

Obama On Septic Pumper Truck

Now THAT is what I call a piece of magnificent art!

Writing for the Conservative Tribune, contributor Wilmot Proviso explained exactly why the analogy fits so well:

Obama’s spewed out quite the load of crap over the past seven and a half years, and he hasn’t stopped just because his time in office is coming to a close. In fact, he only seems to be picking up steam.

Indeed. Just consider Obama’s litany of lies regarding Obamacare, regarding illegal immigration, regarding Benghazi, etc. The lies — or crap — goes on for ages:

The only question left is this: Which is more full of crap — a septic pumper truck or Barack Hussein Obama?

Let me know what you think!