The Comprehensive List of Everything You’re Entitled To [MEME]


Liberals’ latest meme pushing a $15 minimum wage is so fantastically delusional it’s practically awesome.

Circulating with the “Fight for $15” crowd on Facebook, the image not only makes fantastical claims that simply aren’t true, but exposes the incredible entitlement that they feel, while denying they’re actually “entitled” at all.

minimum wage meme

“THE MYTH: Young people today are struggling because they have a POOR WORK ETHIC and feel “ENTITLED,” the meme begins.

“THE TRUTH: Hard work no longer pays off in America. We used to have a minimum wage worth $11 (now it’s $7.25), stronger overtime laws, yearly cost-of-living adjustments, raises with good performance, yearly bonuses for most workers and not just CEOs and a CEO-to-worker pay ratio of 30-to-1 instead of 800-to-1. An entry-level worker in the 70’s could support a family or even buy a house. We need a return to honest pay for honest work.”

First, let me give them credit for spelling all the words right this time. Most of libs’ messages are so full of grammatical errors, it’s hard to get through.

Where to start? First, the minimum wage was never “worth $11,” as they claim. The highest – in 2014 dollars – the minimum wage went was in 1968, when it peaked at $8.54 per hour.

Second, the idea that there used to be “stronger overtime laws” is fiction. Overtime laws have actually gotten stronger, not weaker.

Their next claim, that American minimum-wage workers used to get “yearly cost-of-living adjustments, raises and yearly bonuses for most workers” is more fiction.

Corporations – not the government – determine who gets a “raise” or a “bonus,” and the scant evidence I can find shows that businesses are paying MORE in bonuses lately, not less.

I’m not going to debate the CEO-to-worker pay ration because while it is probably true, it’s just nonsense. If they think the extra millions that a CEO makes can be divvied up amongst the employees – and that this will amount to more than pennies – they’re not going to pass that drug test to get their minimum-wage job anyway.

Finally, they claim that “An entry-level worker in the 70’s could support a family or even buy a house. We need a return to honest pay for honest work.”

The elephant in the room here is that the minimum wage is supposed to be a “living wage.” It’s not and if you’re a head-of-household making $7.25 per hour, you’re in a tiny minority. The minimum wage is the starting salary. The vast majority of the TWO PERCENT of workers who make minimum wage are young and part-time.

But even if they weren’t, you could never, ever buy a home anywhere you wanted making just minimum wage. (There are some markets where they claim you actually can, but I imagine it’s no fun.)

Liberals claiming that it’s a myth that young people are too “entitled” while saying they’re “entitled” to anything is, as I said, just awesome.

Awesomely self-unaware.