The Democrat Party Is IMPLODING; Here’s Why… [OP-ED]

LAS VEGAS, NV - OCTOBER 13: (L-R) Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley walk on the stage at the end of a presidential debate sponsored by CNN and Facebook at Wynn Las Vegas on October 13, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Five Democratic presidential candidates are participating in the party's first presidential debate. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

As Donald Trump rose in the polls, the media had a field day, predicting the destruction of the Republican Party.

If he won (which he simply wouldn’t by the way, they said), it would mean the Grand Old Party would cease to exist. Disappear.

California’s Lt. Governor, Gavin Newsom, said a Trump victory would be the “beginning of the end” of the Republican Party.

Well he won. And Republicans won. They kept the House. They kept the Senate.

Now, as leftists do some navel-gazing on the future, perhaps it’s a good time to remind them that their own destruction was predicted a long time ago.

Way back in July 2015, writer Kurt Schlichter wrote about “The Coming (And Hilarious) Democrat Implosion.”

From Hillary claiming there was a “war on women” to coddling up to celebrity elites to working hand-in-glove with the Democratic establishment, the writing was on the wall for Democrats.

Nineteen sixty-eight was the year normal Americans saw the Democrats for what they were, and that’s the danger for them in 2016 too – that normal Americans will be reminded about what a circus of welfare-chiseling, race-obsessed, work-averse, baby-shredding freaks the Democrat party is.

So keep fighting for purity, Democrats – your painful cramming to pass your dozens of litmus tests is going to provide us with endless amusement. And don’t worry about us Republicans – it’s actually pretty easy to pass ours. You’re disqualified if you have ever given money or a medal to Hillary Clinton. After that, we can talk.

But you don’t have to take Schlichter’s word for it. He’s a conservative writer.

How about the leftist, where they wrote back in April that conspiring to nominate an unpopular establishment candidate would incur the wrath of everyday Democrats.

After predicting that Hillary would handily beat Donald Trump (or Ted Cruz or anyone who was running at the time), they made a prescient closing argument:

The center cannot hold. A growing plurality of democratic voters wants a true progressive agenda. If Clinton and party insiders ignore this reality, such voters will begin to look elsewhere. They will not view themselves as having left the Party. The Party will have left them.

So while Republicans run things in Washington for the next two years (at least), the Democratic Party is now faced with picking up the pieces of an election that saw a trifecta of failures.

A failure to secure not just the presidency, but both houses of Congress

A failure to win even more Latinos and other minorities that who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012

And a failure to address what Donald Trump won on: change. Not Hope and change. We tried hope. “Hope” failed.

I wish them well in charting a course where they listen to the people, rather than the corporate interests and their party elite.