The Idiocy of Bernie Sanders Fans Summed Up In One EPIC Meme


Via V. Saxena:

A new poll conducted by political consultant Frank Luntz revealed that the vast majority of millennials between 18 and 26 years of age host a frighteningly liberal worldview.

“The hostility of young Americans to the underpinnings of the American economy and the American government ought to frighten every business and political leader as much as they excite activists for Sanders and, to a lesser degree, Clinton activists,” Luntz wrote.

Here are some highlights from the poll:

  • 31 percent of millennials view socialist Bernie Sanders as the major political figure they “like and respect the most”
  • 58 percent of millennials think “America isn’t better or worse than most other countries”
  • 35 percent of millennials consider themselves to be a citizen of the world versus the U.S.
  • 58 percent of millennials consider socialism to be the most compassionate political system
  • 33 percent of millennials  consider capitalism to be the most compassionate political system
  • 9 percent of millennials consider communism to be the most compassionate political system
  • 66 percent of millennials believe corporate America “embodies everything that is wrong about America”

But the results get even worse:

Millennials Poll

Ugh …

The Intercept provided further analysis:

Finally, more young Americans declared that the “most pressing issue facing America today” is income inequality than anything else. Income inequality was followed by education — specifically its cost.

So forget about radical Islamic terrorism, nonstop illegal immigration and burgeoning debt, because what millennials most care about is making sure that Uncle Sugar steps in to make their lives easier.

These results should in all honesty come as no real shocker, given the sentiment of entitlement that runs amok in contemporary society.

Still, though, I never thought the day would come when our youth would fall this pathetically low