The Left Doesn’t Care About You Anymore

This last week the Republican National Convention went, more or less, as planned and has been considered by most on the right to have been a massive success. But, as usual, the left doesn’t happen to see it that way. Rather, for reasons that seem largely incomprehensible, they’ve gone into full panic mode.

Throughout the RNC, Hillary Clinton tweeted things like:

Better than what exactly? Respecting our police officers? Upholding the rule of law that she so flagrantly violates on a daily basis? Vowing to defend America from the very Islamic extremists whose rise she enabled? Indeed, following the first and last days of the convention the leftist mainstream media seemed to be in the midst of a full-blown collective heart attack.

Newsday reported that the GOP Convention was setting a “gloom and doom tone.”  Obama came out shortly after Trump’s acceptance speech to say that he was convinced Trump’s vision of the world doesn’t jibe with reality…only for there to then be a horrible mass-shooting in Munich a short while later.

The facts are clear: the liberal elites who control the multi-million-dollar media platforms and our country do not care about ordinary folks like you or I.

Whether or not they are cynically unconcerned with the plight of our nation because they feel the status-quo profits them the most, or if they’re truly deluded enough to believe everything is fine is debatable.

What is not, however, is that their ignorance, willful or not, endangers the United States and all of her citizens. The fact is that the liberal elites have hidden themselves behind razor-wire fences and legions of armed security. They have esconded themselves away in ivory towers where they don’t have to associate or even interact with normal Americans.

To them, the riots that have broken out across the country over the past several weeks and months just aren’t real. To them, the terror attacks that continue to occur with an ever increasing frequency are just signs that their “strategy” of doing nothing to combat radical Islam is“working.”

The fact is the American people are scared. They’re mortally terrified not only for their own safety but also for their children’s safety and our country’s safety. Obama’s “radical transformation” of the United States is almost complete. These are serious threats facing our Republic and yet the left laughs at those who are scared.

One wonders: Would they be laughing if Conservatives came out and started laughing at Michael Brown’s mother when she gives her speech at the DNC? Odds are, if that happened, they’d be having conniption fits and saying all Conservatives are “racist.”

But they’re already saying that, aren’t they?

The left’s reaction to the GOP Convention has shown the American people their true colors. They don’t care about the threats facing this nation and its people. Be that the result of cynical willful ignorance or true delusion does not matter; the Democratic Party and their nominee, Hillary Clinton, both pose mortal threats to the very safety of our great nation and cannot be trusted with power.