The Michael Flynn/Russia Narrative Is Falling To Pieces… Here’s Where It Stands

House Committee Hears From Intelligence Chiefs On Worldwide Threats

The claim by the leftist media that ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was somehow involved in criminal or sinister or treasonous activities is falling to pieces.

As much as they’d love to make a big deal out of this, the CNN is reporting that the FBI is not pursuing any criminal investigation into the phone call that Flynn had with the Russians.

Also untrue are media reports that the Trump campaign had repeated and prolonged contact with lots and lots of Russians before the election.

The story itself actually contradicts the headline … stating that there was no evidence of cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia.

And the story keeps falling apart even further …

Still, the leftists seem to think this is going to be their “Watergate”

And that the White House is on the verge of a “Raging Fire!”

But here’s the truth:

And that’s the end of that. No smoke, no fire.

H/T: PJMedia