The Shadowy Extremist Group Behind Anti-Trump Riots; Here’s What We Know…

Many think these extreme left-wing lunatics who call themselves Antifa came about only after Donald Trump was elected president, but that just isn’t so.

Not only are these people nothing but Communists and Anarchists who already existed, but the Antifa organization was started in Europe in the 1980s.

Antifa background. Antifa claims to be against fascism. They aren’t, of course; they are the fascists, but their members are too damn stupid to grasp that fact. What they really are is anti-First Amendment, as they have proven over and over again. It’s pretty obvious the cowards running around with their faces covered don’t even know what the word fascism actually means. They aren’t anything new, though. From Lifezette:

Antifa, which stands for “anti-fascist action,” is a network of loosely affiliated far-left anarchist and communist groups that orchestrate violent protests and attacks on populists, conservatives, and anyone else its members deem to be “fascists” or “Nazis.”

Antifa was formed originally in Germany in the 1980s, its members taking the name of the communist paramilitary groups that engaged the Nazis in street-fighting in the 1930s. It now has active cells across the world, including in Germany, the U.S., Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Czechia, and France.

What do they do? In case you missed it, Antifa actually stops people from practicing their 1st Amendment rights to free speech. If someone doesn’t agree with the extreme left wingism of Antifa, they will do everything, including incite violence, to shut them down.

“Anyone who tries to hold any sort of right-wing event literally gets beat up by militant communists in the street,” said independent journalist Lauren Southern, who was present at one of the pro-Trump Berkeley rallies, in a video taken immediately following the violence.

Why are they violent? Communists have always used violence as an end to justify their means. More people have been killed in the name of Communism than any other political ideology in the world. Commies have been trying for decades to bring about a violent revolution in the United States because they truly believe their failed, violent, hateful, and historically horrific political ideology is the way to go.

Why does it matter? It matters because free speech is being infringed upon across the country by these fascists. They aren’t just counter-protesting peacefully; they are violently trying to shut down anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Not only should they be certified as a terrorist organization, but their criminal behavior should be labelled hate crimes as well.

It’s high time the government get involved in this situation. Simply arresting Antifa members who commit violent crimes isn’t going to resolve their criminal behavior. This group is only going to get worse, and the old white Commies who are truly the ones behind them are going to continue to recruit young and dumb college kids who are clueless about history.