The SICK Destructive Liberal Mindset Summed Up By One Brutal Meme

Robert Gehl reports that the New York Times isn’t happy just to malign the President of the United States in its pages every day, so now they have to pretend to publicly assassinate him.

A “Shakespeare in the Park” production of Julius Caesar by the Public Theater troupe features a mock assassination of a President Donald Trump lookalike, and it’s being sponsored by the Times.

In the play, the actor – who has reddish-brown hair and wears an unbuttoned overcoat and a red power tie – tweets from his bathtub. He is later stabbed to death by senators right next to an American Flag. Of course they are trying to make it look like President Trump.

And they love it.

“Shakespeare’s political masterpiece has never felt more contemporary,” the Public Theatre wrote of the play on their website. Caesar is described as a “magnetic, populist, irreverent” who “seems bent on absolute power.”

One of the sponsors of this monstrosity is the New York Times. On the theatre troupe’s website, they list their “partners:”

The Public Theater has cultivated successful ongoing partnerships with several leading corporations including Bank of America, Delta Air Lines, The New York Times, American Express, and others. We offer sponsorship opportunities which enhance awareness and visibility of your brand, targeted activations, and provide opportunities for client entertainment, unique experiences and exciting benefits for employees. Year-round, season, or program-specific sponsorships can include a multitude of customizable benefits based on a corporation’s needs and initiatives. Whether it’s entertaining clients at Free Shakespeare in the Park…

Here’s a clip of the play:

On the heels of Kathy Griffin’s ridiculous display, this is particularly disgusting.

H/T: The Daily Caller