The WEIRDEST Way to Get to The NSA Site; Try it…

This may be the most important blog post you’ll ever read in your lifetime. We’re about to blow the lid off the New World Order.

Are you ready? Are you sure you want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes? Can you handle the truth?

Well then, here goes:

Okay, as you’ve probably guessed, we may have exaggerated our scoop just a tad. However, having tested it ourselves, we at TFPP can confirm it really does work. Just reverse the letters in “Illuminati” to type into your address bar, and you’ll wind up at, the official government website for the National Security Agency.

How can this be? Is the NSA in on the plot to replace America with a one-world government? Is the United States government ensnared in the grip of psychic vampires who eat gold-plated babies at Bohemian Grove in the middle of the night? What does it all mean?

Honestly, it means nothing more ominous than that some enterprising prankster snatched up the domain name and set it up to automatically redirect to the NSA.

This is actually pretty easy to do, and fairly commonplace — throughout the 2016 election season, several presidential candidates who failed to purchase purchase the domain names for several possible variations of their names and campaigns found themselves made the butts of internet tomfoolery:

This week, a delighted Internet audience discovered that redirects visitors to front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign website.

It’s an easy joke. Noticing that the Bush campaign, which uses, had failed to register the other domain as a precaution, someone else decided to have some fun […]

In a similar vein, taunting [Donald Trump’s] bravado and oft-repeated line about winning at everything, took visitors to his Wikipedia page as well. As of Feb. 19, it redirects to a YouTube video of comedians poking fun at his campaign […]

The number of fake campaign domains continues to grow. leads to a page giving the choice between Bernie Sanders and Bernie Lomax, the fictional dead character from the film “Weekend at Bernie’s.” just leads to a bare-bones site with the words “Support President Obama. Immigration Reform Now!”

So we’re sorry to disappoint anyone hoping we might have turned up the lead necessary to finally crack their investigation, but we thought this was worth a good laugh. So if you happen to notice black helicopters in the sky later this week after reading this post, we promise that TFPP had nothing to do with it. Probably.