Theater Denies Entrance To Armed Deputy Escorting Schoolkids

fox theater

When the Fox Theater in Atlanta told an armed and uniformed Sheriff’s deputy he couldn’t come into the theater with the school kids he was escorting, it enraged parents and law enforcement.

But more importantly – it was obstruction of justice.

Interfering with a police officer is a crime in Georgia and theater management should be arrested and brought up on charges.

The incident happened last week as Butts County Deputy Sgt. Jack Gilroy was escorting 60 fifth-grade students and their teachers to the movies as part of a field trip, Breitbart is reporting.

Deputy Gilroy said a Fox Theater security officer “asked him to leave the building or store his service weapon inside the vehicle.”

The deputy refused and instead waited outside the theater for nearly three hours for the kids to come out.

Sheriff Gary Long found Fox Theater’s actions unacceptable. He stressed that “it’s standard procedure for an on-duty deputy to escort kids on all sporting events and field trips.” He said doing so “gives a sense of security to parents at work or home.”

The theater insisted that their policy allows on-duty, uniformed officers to enter theaters with their weapon. They said they’re working with staff to make sure everyone understands that, WSB-TV reported.

Parent Jerry Delagarza was shocked Gilroy was asked to wait outside.

“Sad we have to be like that, but we have to be protective over our littles one,” Delagarza said.

Long went as far as to call this incident borderline criminal.

“You almost dance in an area of obstruction; they were obstructing him of doing his job,” Long said.

Gilroy said the security company called him to apologize.

Criminal charges should be filed against the security guard and the theater.