These Two Images Show America Before And After Gun Control

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Robert Gehl reports that one of the single dumbest arguments that gun-control advocates make is that by stopping gun sales, it will somehow reduce gun crime.

It’s nonsense, but they make the argument, usually wrapping it up with inane one-liners about how we have to do something.

The lastest in this long like of advocates is Bryn Mickle. He works for the Flint Journal as an editor.


Mickle wrote an article on that would probably get a passing grade in my son’s fourth-grade English class. That’s the good news.

He launches into his argument by asking where all the good guys with guns were when bad guys go on shooting sprees.

They’re nowhere to be found, he claims. There are more bad guys with guns than good guys with guns, he writes. So his argument is to keep more good guys from having guns by banning all gun sales. Make sense? Of course not. But that’s his argument and he’s sticking to it.

And this is how he makes his argument (Trigger warning: copious empty platitudes ahead):

Tell the NRA that gun sales are taking a hiatus until we get this problem solved and you better believe that the gun lobby will become part of the solution instead of a staunch advocate of the status quo.

America is a great country.

We put a man on the moon. Invented the Internet. And even created the cellphone.

Can anyone honestly say we can’t find a way to keep guns out of the wrong hands?

Enough is enough.

We need to stop wrapping ourselves in the Second Amendment and own up to the fact that our gun problem is getting worse and will only continue to get worse until we deal with it.

Ban gun sales until we get this right.

Of course, these kind of one-liners like “Enough is enough” carry all the intellectual weight of a rice cake.

Besides being wildly unconstitutional, banning legal gun sales is just about the least effective method of crime control. Only a small percentage of guns used in crimes were even bought legally. That includes gun shows, pawn shops and gun stores. The vast majority were stolen or bought off the street or from a friend. So banning gun sales would only keep law-abiding citizens from buying a gun.

When liberals run out of arguments, they resort to one-liners, emotional pleas and platitudes. We have to do something! Enough is enough! And their solution usually consists of disarming law-abiding citizens – the first line of defense against an armed criminal.

But unwilling to listen to reason, they’ll keep spouting this nonsense, hoping they get enough brainless followers.

Speaking of followers, Mickle’s official title seems to be “Flint Journal News Leader.”

He’s a “leader.”

I worked in newsrooms for many years. They have “editors” and “producers” and titles like that. I’ve never heard of a “leader.” The title of “leader” bestows some ability or responsibility that goes beyond merely his job or duties. It says he has some moral authority to “lead” people – not because of what he does, but because of who he is.

This kind of elitist self-aggrandizement has no place in journalism or any workplace. People who describe themselves as “leaders” are grasping for followers.

Do not follow this man.