Kimberly Morin writes this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who actually pays attention to Islamic extremists…

These are people who literally treat women and girls as if they are 3rd class citizens, arguably even lower than that. Women and girls are treated as if they are animals who have no thoughts, intelligence or emotions. It’s still unclear why the left continues to ignore this behavior and behave sympathetically towards men who hate women.

Not even recent statements by a Muslim Brotherhood leader will cause the left to finally admit they are nothing but an Islamic extremist organization that should be labeled as such by the United States. The Daily Caller reports on the latest Islamic extremist insanity which leftists are silent about:

In a post on his Facebook page, Yemeni Sheikh Abdullah al-Adini of the Islah Party created a post titled “Girls’ Clothes are the Gateway to Rape.” Adini’s post comes shortly after the tragic murder and rape of three year old Rana Al Matri that shook the city of Sana’a, Saudi-owned Al Arabiya reports.

After justifying the rapist’s actions, Adini alleged that “a lot of girls have been raped due to these clothes that appeal to a man’s animal instincts and desires,” citing that there has been “noticeable leniency when it comes to young girls’ clothes.”

His post went onto say that their clothes are mostly “short, tight and semi-naked” and that because of this, these young girls have been “left them with psychological scars or physical deformation or death,” according to Al Arabiya.

The man himself is listed as a terrorist, but the Muslim Brotherhood is not. Not only did Obama support the Muslim Brotherhood (as does DNC Vice-Chair Keith Ellison) but the Obama Administration helped to put them into power in Egypt before Egyptians promptly and violently threw their guy out.

Muslim women and girls around the world, including the United States, live with this type of horrific behavior on a daily basis. They are treated worse than cattle to be sold at auction.

Why the left still coddles Islamic extremists is unconscionable, yet they do and their own party members never stop to question them about it; not even when it comes to the type of behavior that gets women and girls murdered.

Who is waging the war on women again…?