This ONE FACT Proves Trump/Russia Ties Claims Are FALSE


Of all the “unverified” information in the seemingly false report leaked by BuzzFeed about Donald Trump and his dealings in Russia, the most “verifiable” might be the allegation that his lawyer went to Prague to meet with Russians.

If true, it would be an explosive allegation.

The one problem is that it’s simply not true.

Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, Tweeted emphatically that he has never been to Prague, with a photo of his passport as a sign that he could offer proof:

He also told reporter Rosie Grey that the only European country he visited over the summer was Italy:

And Cohen has an alibi… he said he was with his son visiting him in college in California at the time the “spy memo” had him in Prague:

And then Gray confirmed Cohen’s story:

And Cohen’s own Twitter feed shows he was nowhere near Prague at the time the documents claim:

So what’s the next “explosive allegation” we’re going to “verify,” eh?

H/T: Twitchy