This PERFECTLY Illustrates EXACTLY How Bernie Sanders Supporters Think


Via Robert Gehl:

Like a lightning strike, I thought something this stupid only happened once.

But Bernie Sanders is an exception. The stupid is so strong, it just may happen over and overagain.

Back in October, Sanders posted an incredibly ignorant tweet complaining that interest rates were higher for student loans than home mortgages.

I wrote about it then and how oblivious Sanders seemed to be on economics. College student loans are backed with no collateral, college students have no income and, unlike a house, you can’t repossess a college degree if the loan goes into default.

It’s not complicated, really. It’s so easy even Bernie Sanders supporters can understand it.

And some actually did:

But the reaction from the “Twitterverse” was wicked from his critics:

So with that argument settled, what does Bernie do? Why, he goes out and says the same stupid thing again:

And again the Twitterverse erputed:

I agree with the last post … I don’t think Sanders is that dumb. I think he is counting on ignorant and uninformed millennials and leftists who really don’t understand basic economics to whoop and wail over this perceived injustice.

What’s even more telling, perhaps, is that after two months, Sanders has run out of ideas. He’s back to recycling the same old socialist talking points. He just picks up the needle on the record and starts at the beginning.