Tim Allen UNLOADS on ABC Over Show Cancellation

Apparently the television show ‘Last Man Standing’ was not only conservative, but extremely popular.

The weekly sit-com was on the air for six years and ABC decided, out of the blue, to cancel the show this season.

Story. There doesn’t seem to be any valid reason for the cancellation. The ratings were still high. It’s not like the show was losing its audience. From The Daily Wire:

As The Daily Wire reported last week, despite high ratings, the ABC television network (which is owned by the left-wing Walt Disney Company) killed the long-running sitcom, one that not only won its Friday night timeslot but had become an even bigger cash cow through the syndication of reruns. Moreover, the half-hour sitcom about a middle-America, conservative business-owner was seen as a Friday night anchor, the kind of show that attracted and kept viewers throughout the evening.

At the time, ABC claimed that the surprise cancellation was due to costs and expensive licensing arrangements with the show’s owner, 20th Century-Fox TV, including the matter of Allen’s star salary which, after six seasons, would have to be re-negotiated.

So instead of actually negotiating to see what would come of it, they choose to cancel? It’s hard to believe they cancelled for this reason.

Why this matters? This was probably the only sit-com on television that represents middle America. Since the show was still popular and still pulling in high ratings, it seems a bit unbelievable that they would cancel over ‘costs’ or negotiating a salary.