Tim Tebow Does it Again; Pulls Off a Classic Babe Ruth Move

Amid all the bad in the world, we could all use a feel-good story, and Tim Tebow has given us just the thing.

NewsBusters reports that the Christian athlete’s latest move, a combination of skill and kindness, was so affecting that he’s even beginning to melt lefty hearts:

A few games ago, Tebow was waiting for his turn at bat when Seth Bosch, a 10-year-old boy with a tumor behind his right eye, walked down to the edge of the stands to see his hero close up. Tebow came over to shake hands, the youngster was overcome with emotion and went crying back to his family.

Like Babe Ruth, who was known for visiting for sick children in the hospital and then swatting home runs for them, Tebow soon blasted a pitch out of the ball park. The blast electrified the stadium in St. Lucie, Fla.

A writer at the left-leaning newspaper, The New York Daily News, Nicholas Parco, reacted: “Reach out and touch faith” […]

Even The View is giving Tebow his due! Kyle Becker reported that Tebow visited the show and he “continues to win over more than sports fans with his core values and faith.”

The View co-host Sunny Hostin asked Tebow about an incident that happened last fall when Tebow was playing in an Arizona Fall League game and a fan had a seizure. “You stopped to comfort and pray over a fan who had a seizure. Some witnesses called your prayer a ‘miracle.’ Can you take us back through that moment and what happened?”

Tim Tebow’s sports career may have been mixed so far, but his persistence in pursuing his career while continuing to set a strong moral example is an unqualified success. Sadly, it would be naive to predict we’ve seen the last of leftist attacks on Tebow’s values, but for now we can take comfort in a rare instance of the secular world rewarding faith.