Tim Tebow Update

Can I just say it? Tim Tebow is the Hillary Clinton of the sports world.

Despite his many unsuccessful bouts, he just won’t go away.

And, like Clinton, who deserves little of what she receives, Tebow always becomes the recipient of unwarranted promotions, jobs, etc.

According to Powerline Blog:

Last month, the New York Mets promoted Tim Tebow from Columbia in the South Atlantic League (“Low A” ball) to St. Lucie, a “High A” team in the Florida State League. Tebow hadn’t done anything to deserve the promotion. At the time, he was batting .222, with an on-base percentage of .311 and a slugging percentage of .340.

As I noted, though, the move made financial sense for the Mets. They don’t own the Columbia team, but they do own St. Lucie. Thus, they stood to benefit from the boost in attendance that the presence of this Florida football legend would surely generate.

Nor was the move ridiculous from a pure baseball standpoint. As I said at the time, Tebow is 29 years old. The Mets might as well find out now whether he can stay afloat against “High A” pitching, while they reap the financial reward of having him play for a team they own.

But what has certainly distinguished Tebow from Clinton is that now he is in Florida, his prayers have been answered as he is doing extraordinarily well. “In 17 games” for example “with 53 at-bats, he’s batting .321, with an on-base percentage of .410 and a slugging percentage of .566.”

And just yesterday, he carried his team to a win over Daytona.

Tebow went from an “OPS (on base percentage plus slugging percentage) of .651 to .976 after moving to a higher classification of baseball”.

Is he now in line for another promotion considering his performance on this new stage?

The Mets general manager says not this year, but who knows. Crazier things have happened.