Top House Democrat Say He Will Force Impeachment Vote on Wednesday

A Democratic lawmaker recently announced that he will force a House vote for President Trump’s impeachment.

Rep. Al Green seems unconcerned with his reputation as a House representative by initiating a theatrical vote on impeachment when there’s no grounds for impeachment.

Green promises that a vote will actually occur on the House floor, though it’s sure to fail. Green offered no evidence that President Trump has committed any crime in office that he could be charged with, saying only that Trump is a “billionaire” and accusing him of being a “bigot” who “does irreparable harm to my country.”

Well, being a billionaire is obviously no grounds for impeachment. His other assertions are sure to raise a few eyebrows and eye-rolls, but they won’t gain any traction on the House floor.

The Hill reports:

In a House speech, Green said three prominent Democrats have asked to meet with him to discuss the impeachment of President Trump.

“I will meet with them in my office and here’s what I will say: I will tell them that impeachment is not about Democrats,” Green said.

“That it’s not about Republicans. I will them that it’s about democracy.”

Green said impeachment is about government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

“I will tell them that I refuse to sit on the sidelines while the world is considering one of the great issues of our time,” he said.

“I will tell them that tomorrow, we will bring articles of impeachment to the floor of the Congress of the United States of America for a vote.”

Green said last week he will force a House floor vote to impeach President Trump this week.

“Next week, there will be a vote to impeach,” Green said last week during a House floor speech.

He said last week he refuses to stand idly by as a “billionaire bigot does irreparable harm to my country.”

So “three prominent Democrats” agree that Trump should be impeached. For that, Green intends to waste time in Congress charging President Trump with nothing just so he can say he tried.

Republicans control the House, but even House Democrats think it’s too early for a vote on impeachment. They seem to think that evidence of a crime should be arranged before accusations are made.

Pro-impeachment Democrats like Green know that their efforts will fail. What they want is a theatrical performance that leaves Trump with an impeachment vote on his record, while appealing to liberals for standing up to the “billionaire bigot” in the White House.

The Hill continues:

The impeachment effort is sure to fail, since Republicans control the House. But Democrats who have said it’s too early to discuss impeachment could also oppose the measure.

Green is among a handful of Democrats who have been agitating for Trump’s impeachment for months. He unveiled his articles of impeachment, which state that Trump is “fueling an alt-right hate machine” that’s “causing immediate injury to American society,” in October.

He declined to force a vote at the time he originally introduced the articles, saying he wanted to let the pubic and fellow lawmakers review them. But he later pledged to force a vote by Christmas.

By forcing a procedural vote on nonsensical charges, Green seems to follow the sagely advice of six year-olds: If you can’t get what you want, stomp your feet and shout.