Transgender ‘Girl’ FURIOUS At All Straight Guys Who Aren’t Attracted To Transgenders

Zinnia Jones is a transgender activist who has been featured by CNN, New York Magazine, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post and BuzzFeed.

Jones thinks that straight men not wanting to be with transgender women is discriminatory and something that they “need to work through.”

She acknowledged that no one has to be with anyone they don’t want to be with, but everything she says after that says otherwise.

Like saying that if you don’t want to be with a trans woman, that’s “misplaced and inappropriate”…

Well, that’s pure insanity.

Ooh, but the next tweets are the worst…

I mean, seriously?

No, if you’re a heterosexual male, and you’re not into penises, you’re not going to be able to just “get used to it.” Being sexually intimate with someone requires sexual attraction, and unfortunately for transgenders and their love life, the attraction is much less likely to be there for someone if you look like a girl (at least somewhat) but were born a male and therefore have male body parts. It’s kind of a turn off to some people…

Some people on the Twitterverse responded brilliantly to her nonsense.

Ahh, comparisons that would resonate with liberals.

And my personal favorite response…

Alas, many straight men will now and forever more have issues being with someone who claims to be a woman… but has a penis. Jones is just going to “need to work through” that.

H/T: Young Cons