Trey Gowdy DESTROYS Obama In Best Way Possible


Via Robert Gehl:

The Obama Administration has quietly conceded defeat in its defense of insane “sanctuary city” policies.

During a House budget hearing Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that Immigrations officials will now have the first crack at taking criminal illegal aliens into custody for deportation rather than letting states and municipalities take the lead.

Many of the local jurisdictions –sometimes entire states – have “sanctuary” policies that allow these criminal illegal aliens to be released back into the community scot-free, The Daily Caller is reporting.

The move – made with very little fanfare – is seen as a victory for critics of the ghastly program.

“Particularly where we’re dealing with a jurisdiction that is not prone to honoring ICE detainers…our policy is going to be that ICE will instead have the first detainer and that individual will go into ICE custody and deportation,” Lynch told the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies.

“We have in the past deferred because…we work with our state and local colleagues and we want to make sure that they can in fact adjudicate their cases as well,” Lynch added.

Republicans on the committee were pleased with the new policy. Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) is chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee and said he’s glad the administration and Republicans are “headed in the same direction.”

There are literally hundreds of jurisdictions, cities, counties and states, that have an official policy of not cooperating with requests to hold criminal illegal aliens by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Some entire states, like New Mexico, Colorado and Rhode Island, do not honor ICE Detainer requests.

In July, Francisco Sanchez, a Mexican national with a long felony record, shot and killed 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle while walking along a San Francisco pier with her father.

Sanchez had been held by San Francisco County on a marijuana charge from the 1990s, and ICE submitted a detainer request to deport him, but the Sheriff’s office ignored that request and released Sanchez, allowing him to murder Steinle. From The Daily Caller:

In her testimony, Lynch also noted that the new policy will prevent some municipalities from prosecuting illegal aliens for crimes in their jurisdictions because they will be deported instead.

“This may have the effect that there may be local cases that may not be able to be prosecuted because, again, the person will be taken into ICE custody and then deported,” Lynch said.

She also said that if the Justice Department does decide to hand deportable prisoners over to local authorities, the agency will “have to have assurances that ICE would also then be able to get the individual back at the end of an adjudication so that the deportation process could go underway.”

In Tuesday’s letter to Culberson, assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik claimed that the Justice Department is working.

“Thus far, we are pleased with the way in which the new policy is being implemented,” Kadzik wrote.