Trump Administration Communications Director Suspended From Twitter

President Donald Trump has become infamous for his incessant Tweeting. Whether it’s re-tweeting a GIF image of Trump tackling CNN at Wrestle Mania, or calling out Senators and Congressmen by name, the President of the United States has a rather unhealthy Twitter addiction.

But who could have predicted that it would be one of his staff first suspended from the social media site? A lot of weird things happened in 2016, but 2017 is apparently trying to top everything that happened last year.

Twitter has suspended Hope Hicks’ account, who was just appointed to be the President’s Communications Director. This was first noticed by Jack Posobiec of Medium. He noted that she was suspended merely one day after she was appointed to the position.

Out of all the people to suspend, Hicks is the most ironic; and perhaps that’s what makes the situation so concerning.

When I went to her profile personally to verify, this was the page I saw:

On mobile, the profile would not even load.

It is not clear why Hicks was suspended, not to mention the fact that the suspension is permanent. Was it just because of her association with the Trump administration? Or did she start tweeting racist things immediately upon appointment?

At this point who know. Twitter has often had double standards depending on one’s political views, or their ethnicity. The fact that an official was treated in such a way is disconcerting, and the company needs to explain what is going on.