Trump Committee Raised Record $107 Million For Inauguration

There’s one inauguration record that Donald Trump shattered.

His committee raised $106.7 million for the festivities, more than doubling the $53 million raised by Barack Obama in 2009.

The ceremony was a six-day celebration that included many events. A press release issued by the committee this week said it was “one of the most accessible and affordable inaugurations for the public in recent history.”

“The amount of funds raised for the inaugural celebration allowed the president to give the American people, those both at home and visiting Washington, a chance to experience the incredible moment in our democracy where we witness the peaceful transition of power, a cornerstone of American democracy,” committee chairman Tom Barrack said in a statement to The Daily Caller.

The committee said they hosted more than 20 events during the festivities, including a free concert near the Lincoln Memorial and two inaugural balls.

The committee didn’t say how much of the money was left over, but said the remaining amount would be donated to charity.

Initially, the inauguration was expected to cost $200 million, but that figure was wildly overblown.