Hysterical Democrats Mentally Abusing Their Children Over Trump

How do you destroy your children’s psyche? Start with one simple premise: The world is on fire and it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.

Take genuine concern for your children’s welfare and the future of our planet, mix in a healthy dose of hysterical, bone-crushing fear of Donald Trump, and you have a recipe for one miserable childhood.

Frieda Berrigan’s poor children will certainly grow up with an outlook of the world and their place in it so warped, so horribly negative that it will make any damage even the worst president can do seem like nothing.

Berrigan hates Donald Trump – this much is clear. She thinks he singlehandedly can – and will – destroy this country. In an article for the leftist propaganda site TruthOut, she lists her concerns, which are on the scale of Revelations or some Japanese mega-monster movie.

Trump, she says, will destroy our healthcare system, our infrastructure, he will poison our air and our water. He will wage endless war across the planet and will singlehandedly force the oceans to rise and drown us all.

Here’s just one paragraph of what might be the most hysterical thing on the internet this week:

The truth is I get breathless and sweaty thinking about what life will be like for my kids — three-year-old Madeline, five-year-old Seamus, and 11-year-old Rosena. I can’t stop thinking about it either. I can’t stop thinking that they won’t be guaranteed clean air or clean water, that they won’t have a real healthcare system to support them in bad times, even if they pay through the nose in super high taxes. They may not have functional infrastructure, even if President Trump succeeds in building a yuge gilded wall on our southern border (and who knows where else). The social safety net — Medicare, Medicaid, and state assistance of various sorts — could be long gone and the sorts of nonprofit groups that try to fill all breaches a thing of the past. If they lose their jobs or get sick or are injured, what in the world will they have to fall back on, or will they even have jobs to begin with?

She doesn’t see a future for them with Donald Trump as president. She fantasizes that maybe, after Trump has turned America into a vast wasteland, her children will “harvest potatoes” and “write revolutionary propaganda.” This, she thinks, is a positive thing.

Frieda is terrified for the future and for her children. Most of this terror is directed at the future that Trump will create – somehow. Her son asks if “kids die” and her mind turns to the worst:

My head, of course, is suddenly filled with images of dead kids, little Syrian bodies washing up on Turkish beaches, little Afghan bodies blown to bits, little Yemeni bodies brittle with starvation or cholera. There’s no shortage of images of dead children in my head as I talk with a kind of painful calmness to my two small ones on a school-day morning in southeastern Connecticut.

I’m not sure how Trump is single-handedly responsible for the cholera in Yemen, but if you ask Frieda, I’m sure she’ll draw the connection.

She sees no future for her children, nothing positive anyway. One year into the Trump administration and suddenly, children are on fire everywhere, people are dying, and the world will explode.

Whatever your position on Donald Trump, the damage his administration can cause pales in comparison to the destruction you can cause by presenting to your children a warped, out-of-control future, both on fire and under water, because of one man.

The history books will determine whether or not the Trump presidency was a success or not. But presenting your children with the bleakest of futures will determine whether our nation is a success or not.

Teach wisely.