Donald Trump: ‘Hat Catcher’ In Chief? President Stops To Pick Up Marine’s Hat

It was a little thing, but it’s the little things that make all the difference.

And President Trump just showed – with one of those little things that he can be as conscientious and considerate as anybody else.

Boarding Marine One – the President’s official helicopter – the President stopped not once, but twice, to pick up a Marine’s dress hat that was blown away by the wind generated by the chopper’s blades.

The President arrived back at Join Base Andrews in Maryland after his trip abroad for the G20 summit – where he got to meet President Vladimir Putin for the first time (and yes, leftists, he pressed Putin about Russian meddling in our elections).

While heading to the staircase, Trump noticed that one of the Marines had lost his hat to the wind.

Trump bent down and picked up the hat and placed it back onto the Marine’s head while patting his arm.

As soon as the President let the hat go, Trump headed back to pick it up, handing it to his Air Force escort.

The Marine remained at attention the entire time. Take a look:

Compare this display of conscientiousness with President Obama, who was known for failing to even return the salute of Marines, or indignantly makes a salute holding a coffee cup.

H/T: The Daily Caller