Trump Proposes Rally Bigger Than Any Other


It’s no secret that at campaign rallies, Donald Trump held the edge over his opponent Hillary Clinton. She could sometimes hardly manage to get more than a few dozen people to attend a campaign rally, while Trump easily garnered rallies with upwards of ten thousands attendees.

While such numbers are certainly impressive, he doesn’t want to stop there. He wants an even bigger rally, one that will be “the biggest of them all!”

The idea was shared through his infamous Twitter page.

The size of his rallies was one of his major talking points, showing how much more support he had versus Hillary during the campaign season. He often accused the media of underestimating his true attendances.

At a recent rally in Florida, he managed to garner an audience of over 9,000. In that rally, it seemed like he reverted back to being candidate Trump who was running for President.

The attendance of the inauguration ceremony was another point of contention among Trump supporters and opponents. The pro-Trump crowd claimed that the media grossly underestimated the total attendance at the inauguration.

While the actual inauguration attendance was smaller compared to Barack Obama’s inaugurations, the estimated numbers do not account for online viewing, which has seen a sharp increase in recent years.

Nonetheless, historic crowd or not, here we have Donald Trump as President. And he wants to keep growing crowds at rallies in the future. What that means exactly remains to be seen.

H/T The Washington Examiner