Here’s Just How CERTAIN CNN Was That Trump Wouldn’t Bring Up The Election To Putin

The day before President Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin at the G20 meeting in Germany, the mainstream media was all abuzz: Would Trump discuss Russian meddling in our election or not?

Whether or not he would bring up the topic to the Russian president was purely speculative at that time, of course, but one network already seemed to know the answer: CNN.

All week, their “anonymous” sources insisted that Trump would not bring up Russian interference in the election. It wasn’t even really a debate. As seen in the chyrons below these screenshots (grabbed by Sen. Marco Rubio’s press secretary Matt Wolking and pointed out by SooperMexican), it was essentially a fact. A fact repeated over and over again:

But wait, there’s more!

Of course, when it turned out that Trump not only did bring up Russian meddling in the November presidential election, but it was the first thing he did and – according to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Trump “pressed” Putin on the matter, CNN admitted that, but conveniently left out all the times they were just gosh-darn certain he wouldn’t.

So much for their anonymous sources, again, right?

H/T: TheRightScoop