Trump Reveals Which Liberal He Wants To Beat ‘So Badly’ In 2020

Donald Trump effectively made mincemeat of Hillary Clinton. But reveling in his victory four months ago is not what the President is doing lately.

He has already set his sights on his 2020 reelection bid, having filed paperwork and officially holding a campaign rally already.

And he knows exactly who he wants to face in the next campaign: Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

In an interview with Fox News’ Jesse Watters, Trump said that he wants Warren to run in 2020 because he would beat her “so badly.” When Watters asked if there was really a chance of Warren running in the next presidential election, Trump replied: “I hope so. That would be a dream come true,” The Blaze is reporting.

Trump went on to slam Warren for the “craziness” and “anger” she used in her political rhetoric on the campaign trail last year when campaigning for Clinton.

“I think she hurt Hillary Clinton very badly,” Trump said. “I watched those speeches — the anger, the hatred, in her heart — and I said, ‘Ya know, she’s really bad for Hillary.’”

“Pocahontas would not be proud of her as her representative, believe me,” Trump said, mocking Warren for her claim that she’s of Native American heritage.

Here’s the video of the interview. The relevant parts starts around 2:25:

Back in December, when Warren was appointed to the Armed Services committee, there was rampant speculation that the Massachusetts liberal would make a 2020 presidential run.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell called the step a “very important move that could be a first step in a presidential campaign.”

The Washington Post’s Daily 202 — a morning rundown aimed at decision-makers inside Washington — speculated that Warren and Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), who is separately joining the Foreign Relations Committee, “very clearly want to seek the presidency for themselves in 2020.”