Trump’s Latest Executive Order Has Liberals HOWLING MAD

President Donald Trump’s administration has reportedly begun preparing executive orders designed to open up new areas for offshore oil and gas drilling.

One of the orders would reverse a decision by former President Barack Obama “to permanently block new oil and gas development in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas, covering about 115 million acres of Arctic waters, and about 3.8 million acres off the US East Coast, from Massachusetts to Maryland,” reported S&P Global Platts.

Another order would replace the Obama administration’s five-year offshore leasing plan with an amended version containing new offshore oil and natural gas rights in U.S. Atlantic and Arctic waters.

It remains unclear, however, if the president possesses the authority to reverse his predecessor’s Atlantic and Arctic drilling bans.

“This will certainly be litigated,” a source claimed.

Liberals have been fretting over these plans ever since they were initially hinted at shortly after the presidential election by the then-president-elect. Mind you, they were a tad bit over-confident regarding Trump’s chances of pulling this off.

“Can Trump reverse Obama’s artic-drilling ban?” wrote The Atlantic contributor Robinson Meyer last December, around the time that the former president imposed the bans. “Probably not, at least without Congress’s help.”

The radical leftist blog Mother Jones was a lot more blunt with its rhetoric:

“Donald Trump wants to drown the world in oil,” warned liberal commentator Michael Klare, apparently unaware that the world runs because of oil.

“Trump’s approach — pump out as much oil as possible here and in Canada — is potentially disastrous, even in energy industry terms,” he added. “He has, for instance, threatened to open up yet more federal lands, onshore and off, for yet more oil drilling … In theory, this drown-us-in-oil approach should help achieve a much-trumpeted energy ‘independence’ for the United States, but under the circumstances, it will surely prove a calamity of the first order.”

Indeed, stop thinking of Trump’s energy policy as primarily aimed at helping the fossil fuel companies (although some will surely benefit). Think of it instead as a nostalgic compulsion aimed at restoring a long-vanished America in which coal plants, steel mills, and gas-guzzling automobiles were the designated indicators of progress, while concern over pollution—let alone climate change—was yet to be an issue.

This speculation from Klare — who is reportedly a professor of “peace and world security studies,” neither of which pertain to climatology — seems a bit crazy.

If anything, the idea that empowering the energy industry will allow America to obtain energy independence seems like far more of a fact than the professor’s theory that it will lead to a “calamity of the first order” wherein America turns into a hotbed of pollution.

To be very honest, it sounds to me like he’s fear-mongering. But hey, what do I know?